Conditioner cooler

The FMA range of Conditioner coolers are a multi combination unit, they are manufactured from stainless steel, the belt can be of a stainless steel configuration or in most cases a modular plastic belt is used. The units provide multiple functions all within the one footprint & cabinet. These units are typically considered due to the limited constraints of floor space and the need to provide a level of surface drying, cooling and equilibration to the raw materials in the process. The material is feed onto the first of three conveyor belts, which run longitudinally through the surrounding cabinet. Only the in feed end of the first conveyor at (top) and the out feed end of the third conveyor (bottom) protrude from the main cabinet. The heat source is normally provided by a steam coil (tube and fin type) and the airflow is by centrifugal fan set, these are housed out to the side of the conveyor sets and main cabinet but form part of the main structure. The unit is fitted with swinging door access for cleaning along the nominated operator's side and fabricated from stainless steel materials.