Elevators and Conveyors

Food Machinery Australasia offers a wide range of conveyors to exceed client requirements. Key benefits of this technology is to reduce space requirements within your building foot print. Conveyors provide extremely long retention times for applications such as product cooling or product equilabration.

Product is usually required to be moved from one process to another. The most efficient way is using a belt conveyor, if the angle of movement is slight or level, or by an elevator if the product requires considerable ‘lifting’. Our conveyors and elevators are of stainless steel construction, with widths, wall height, length and angle built into the design to suit any application. Hoppers, chutes and drain trays can be incorporated if required. Various food grade belt types are available, with sanitary cleats, to suit your product. These are driven by a geared-motor at any reasonable speed – speed control is an option if required.