Screw Type Preheater

The FMA range of Screw Preheaters are fabricated from 304 stainless steel materials. Specially designed barrel sections with a formed screw section and auger flights that are perforated for high water flows. The auger is fitted onto a close tolerance cylindrical central tube. The auger tube is fabricated from schedule stainless steel pipe, which partly floats in the barrel to reduce the risk of rubbing when full and operational. Our latest model of Preheaters offer self draining counter balanced cleaning lids fitted down the full length of the machine barrel for easy access for cleaning. Improved circulation & heated water circuit which is pumped into the barrel along not less than four positions down the length of barrel providing an even heat distribution & transfer to product while minimizing cold spots through out the length of the Preheater by using our latest Hydro cross flow technology. FMA can custom manufacture your item to suit your application and needs.