The FMA range of Mixers and mixing systems are fabricated from 304 stainless steel materials. The FMA range of mixers can be batch type or inline continuous. The mixers can be constructed in many sizes & configurations ranging from 5Kgs through to 1,500Kgs holding capacities. The batch types of process mixers typically comprise of a main vessel or cabinet and are manually sealed once the produce has been loaded in by hand or removed. Automatic product loading and unloading system is available on request. The mixers can be configured with any type of arm, high shear, low shear, ribbon flight, scroll, auger mixing elements with special features such as cutters or homogenizers etc. These units can also be optioned with tipping or tilting functions to allow for loading & unloading functions. The units can also be fitted with water or steam heating systems that can be direct or an indirect system. FMA can custom manufacture your item to suit your application and needs.