Pre Heater

The pre heater blancher consists of a rigid barrel and support frame, fabricated from stainless steel. This screw auger, fabricated also from stainless steel, has heavy-wall pipe, which partly floats in the blancher barrel. The product is then out-fed, gently, by the means of a proven design of ferris-wheel system installed within the outlet end of the blancher. Along the top of the blancher barrel and ferris-wheel housing are hinged lids for easy access to the inside of the machine for cleaning. The Thermo Blancher auger is fitted with a geared motor, which in turn is fitted with a variable speed controller for the means of controlling the retention time of the product in the blancher. The water blanching temperature is maintained evenly throughout the blancher by water circulating through the blancher, via a specially developed pump circulating system. Heating of the blancher water is carried out by a steam injection heater, which is fitted into the water circulating pump pipe-work. Temperature is measured and controlled in the circulation pipe, and kept constant, by means of a set value on the temperature controller.