Twin Vessel Steam Peelers

The FMA range of Twin vessel steam peelers are manufactured from stainless steel with an option for the pressure vessel to be constructed from stainless steel or boiler plate steel, the twin vessels are designed to allow for gentle loading via the standard batch weighing system which on this model feeds both vessels. The vessels have an offset seat with a compact swinging door from inside to outer seat. The vessels are of a rotary directional type and are driven by separated shaft mounted geared motor. All dual vessel positions monitored for operational function, interlocking & safety applications. A Programmable Logical Controller controls all activities associated with the actual batching, loading, peeling process parameters and the out feed rate, and other key parameters. The FMA Twin vessel steam peeler can be supplied with one larger expansion chamber for the rapid condensing of the exhaust steam & flow from the vessel, it is extremely important that this occurs as rapidly as possibly without creating any additional back pressure in the exhaust cycle, it also helps to muffle the noise made from the exhaust cycle. FMA can custom manufacture your item to suit your application and needs.