Abrasive Peeling

The FMA range of Abrasive rotary peeling machines is manufactured from 304 stainless steel and has been designed with cleaning and performance at the forefront. The abrasive peeling machines consist of 6 x high speed rotating abrasive roller assemblies or a combination of sets mounted down the length of the machine. These 6 high speed rollers are driven with a specially designed poly belt tooth drive system. This drive system has been developed and proven over many years, these machines manufactured by FMA have proven to be reliable and require low maintenance. For products which require accurate peeling times for maintaining product recoveries and product finish, as an option, the machine has been designed for a specially designed rotary feed/retention auger that can be installed into the machine. The purpose of this auger is to control the retention, therefore brushing time of the product in the machine. The product is also transported evenly through the machine by the means of this auger. FMA can custom manufacture your item to suit your application and needs.